Beosound Balance Black Oak GVA - FLEX

Beosound Balance Black Oak GVA - FLEX

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Beosound Balance Black Oak GVA - FLEX

Beosound Balance
with Google Voice Assistant

A wireless speaker with a dynamic acoustic performance designed to be positioned up against the wall on a shelf or side table in your home. Impressive sound compared to its size.

Optimal placement

Designed to be positioned up against the wall on a shelf or side table, Beosound Balance delivers carefully controlled beams of sound for a clear acoustic experience from the front and rich sound enhancement at the back. The result is an impressively big acoustic experience compared to its size.

Welcomes you with a human touch

Tactile user-interaction experience and light-through-aluminium for subtle look and a touch of magic with proximity sensors built-in to welcome you when you approach Beosound Balance for interaction – so the controls only appear when needed. When you walk away from Besound Balance, the controls dim once more leaving only the well-crafted aluminium surface visible.
Get more done with just your voice

Beosound Balance with the Google Assistant. You can easily enjoy music at home just with your voice; you can play your favorite music, control volume and find information about the song that you are listening to, hands-free. You can also plan your day, set alarms and control smart devices around your home - just by using your voice.

Moreover, Beosound Balance has four favourite buttons, where you can save your favourite Google preset and listening experiences for easy access.

*The Google Assistant is available only in specific countries and languages.

*Google is a trademark of Google LLC

Different Sound Experiences

Different sound experiences for different needs. With its unique acoustic configuration of seven drivers, Beosound Balance is made to deliver a strong bass performance and a broad sound image for truly room filling sound when you want it. The ability to provide beam forming technology also enables Beosound Balance to deliver sound directivity for focused listening from all positions – all in one package.
Sound Performance

The acoustic set up of Beosound Balance includes two 5.25'' bass drivers for powerful bass performance, two 2'' full range drivers and one 3/4 tweeter placed in the front for a clear, defined sound reproduction and finally two 3'' full range drivers placed in the back that act as sound enhancers.
Active Room Compensation

Beosound Balance is equipped with Active Room Compensation capabilities which optimize sound experience based on the positioning of the speaker in the room, in practice by actively adapting the speaker tuning to compensate for acoustic surroundings.

Технически детайли

Тип система:Home Audio System
Честотен диапазон:26Hz-23kHz
Шум на сигнала:104 dB
Аудио контроли:Потенциометър за звук
Bluetooth Pairing
Mute Microphone
Вградени устройства:Микрофон
Proximity Sensor
Speaker Features:Active Room Compensation
Beam Direction Control
360-Degree Omnidirectional Audio
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 5.0
WI-FI:IEEE 802.11a
IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi 4
IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi 5
Woofer:2 x 200W (2 x 5.25")
Full Range:2 x 100W (2 x 3")2 x 100W (2 x 2")
Tweeter:1 x 80W (1 x 0.75")
Audio Line-In:1 (3.5 мм мини жак)
LAN:2 (RJ-45)
USB:1 (USB Type-C)
Диаметър:380 mm
Височина:200 mm
Номинално тегло:7.2 kg
Включени кабели:Захранващ кабел
Външен цвят:Черен
Разположение на устройството:Външен (Автоматичен)
Материал на изработка:Aluminium/Wood/Fabric
Включени аксесоари:Упътване за бързо стартиране
User Guide
Warranty Card
Installed Voice Assistant:Google Assistant
Разположение на захранването:Външен
Гаранционни продукти - подлежащи на връщане:Да
Гаранционни условия (месец):36 мес.
Критерии за валидност на гаранцията:Сериен номер
Тегло на пакет - Бруто (кг):10.68 kg
Тегло на пакет - Нето (кг):7.3 kg
Брой в пакет:1
Тегло на кашон - Бруто (кг):10.68 kg
Retail Packaging Net Weight Carton:0.17 kg
Retail Packaging Net Weight Plastic:0.01 kg
Пакети в кашон:1
Тип пакет:С опаковка
EAN код:5705260082326