Power Bank ADATA P12500D White

  • Капацитет:
    12500 mAh
  • Вход:
    DC 5V/2A (Micro USB)
  • Изход:
    DC 5V/2.1A max. (Type-A USB)
  • Размери:
    141 x 63.5 x 22.5 mm
  • Производител:
  • Гаранция:
    1 година
28,36 лв.
На склад Код: 8108


With 12500mAh at your disposal, you get large mobile power capacity plus the convenience of dual USB charging ports. Together, they deliver 2.1A output so you can power-up two smart devices at once to save time and keep going at your own pace. Plus, the ADATA P12500D Power Bank has a precision digital display that tells you exactly how much charge it holds: no more guessing.

Always informed with precision digital display

As mobile devices become faster and integrate higher resolution screens, they also need more power – especially when we use them for high performance tasks such as gaming and ultra HD video. This makes precise info on just how much power you have left essential – and the P12500D features a digital display that rates battery charge up to 100. No more flashing lights or vague bars – you get total accuracy and clarity at a glance.

Big, long-lasting capacity

The P12500D holds enough power to fully re-charge a tablet 1 time, an average smartphone 4 times. That’s a lot of power on the go, freeing you from worries about empty batteries.

Dual USB ports boost charging efficiency

Why waste time when you can recharge two devices simultaneously? The P12500D has two USB ports that output a total 2.1A. Recharge your smart mobile devices at once to reduce annoying waits and keep using both devices with no downtime.

High quality and durability

ADATA only uses the safest, most rigorously-tested batteries in our power banks. From internal circuitry to enclosure, the P12500D offers extreme resistance to fire, shocks, impact, and other hazards, ensuring your safety.

Multi-circuit protection

We engineered the P12500D with smart six-fold circuitry that protects against overcharge, over-discharge, overheating, shorting out, over voltage, and over current. That sounds like a lot, but the bottom line is assured safety and stable operation.


Батерия тип: Lithium-ion battery 45Wh
Капацитет: 12500 mAh
Вход: DC 5V/2A (Micro USB)
Изход: DC 5V/2.1A max. (Type-A USB)
Размери: 141 x 63.5 x 22.5 mm
Цвят: Бял
Комплекта включва: ADATA P12500D Power Bank
Micro USB Cable, User Manual
Тегло: 295.00 g
Производител: ADATA
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