Видео карта MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti LIGHTNING

  • Графичен процесор / GPU:
    GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
  • Видео памет VRAM:
    11 GB
  • Изисквания към захранването:
    650 W с 3 x 8-pin конектори
  • Видео входове / изходи:
    HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C / Thunderbolt 3
  • Производител:
  • MPN:
  • Гаранция
    3 години
3 079,00 лв.
Код: 9822 На склад


NVIDIA Turing™ Architecture

This revolutionary architecture, combined with our all-new GeForce RTX™ platform, fuses together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. You’ve never created and enjoyed games like this before.

Real-Time Ray Tracing In Games

Ray tracing is the definitive solution for lifelike lighting, reflections, and shadows, offering a level of realism far beyond what’s possible using traditional rendering techniques. NVIDIA Turing™ is the first GPU capable of real-time ray tracing.

GeForce RTX™ gaming GPUs come loaded with next-generation GDDR6 memory, support for DirectX 12 features, and more. This is graphics reinvented.

MSI LIGHTNING graphics cards are engineered for perfection. Using the best components and industry-leading design technologies, MSI LIGHTNING graphics cards have been at the top of the overclocking world for years. Advanced cooling, cutting edge features and a premium quality experience make it the best choice for those looking for top level performance.

Using an innovative and unique design, the RTX 2080 Ti LIGHTNING provides a whole new level of visual customization. With the MSI Dragon Center software, you can control the colors and also how many fan blades will be perceived. The fans not only dazzle you with vibrant colors and effects but also cool this beastly card in silence.

Keep an eye on clocks and temps in real-time or show off your own personal animations with this customizable OLED panel through Dragon Center software.

Choose from millions of colors and predefined animated effects to customize your LIGHTNING or synchronize it with other RGB components in your system by MSI Dragon Center software.

The full carbon backplate improves strength and prevents bending. It also enhances thermal conductivity for better cooling thanks to a thick heat pipe and thermal pads connecting the backplate to the PCB.

MSI’s reputation for excellent cooling is well known and continued by the new TRI-FROZR cooler. Using three TORX fans 3.0 on a huge heatsink ensures a cool & quiet experience for you.

Underneath all the metal are the multilayered electric highways that make up the Printed Circuit Board. They connect all the vital components and allow them to communicate at lightning speed.

ACCESSORIES: Graphics Card Support Bracket x 1 , 6-pin to 8-pin power cable x 1, V-check Point cable x 4


Графичен процесор / GPUGeForce RTX 2080 Ti
GPU параметриNVIDIA CUDA® Cores: 4352
Boost Clock: 1575 MHz
Memory Speed: 14Gbps
Видео памет VRAM11 GB
Видео памет типGDDR6
Изисквания към захранването650 W с 3 x 8-pin конектори
Max TDP350 W
Видео входове / изходиHDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C / Thunderbolt 3
ИнтерфейсPCI Express
Размери328 x 143 x 63 mm
Тегло: 1852.00 g

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