Antec Fan 20cm, 4pin, Big Boy 200, 3-speed Dual BB

Antec Fan 20cm, 4pin, Big Boy 200, 3-speed Dual BB

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Antec understands you desire the coolest gaming system, that's why the Nine Hundred comes with the Big Boy 200, a 200mm TriCool™ fan. This fan has a three-speed switch that lets you choose the speed best suited to your needs.Go big or go home! When you need the ultimate in cooling, look no further than Antec’s Big Boy 200™, the premier 200mm TriCool™ fan to cool even the most demanding systems. With a 200mm design that provides more cooling at lower speeds compared to smaller fans, the Big Boy 200™ supplies serious cooling without sacrificing quiet. Whether it is for the most cutting-edge gaming case or the hottest system hardware, go big with Antec’s Big Boy 200™ and provide your machine with some of the most powerful cooling around.

Quiet and Performance

The three-speed switch also allows you to balance between ultra-quiet performance and maximum cooling, offering greater flexibility. Plus, the Big Boy 200™ features a double ball bearing design for longer life, and a 4-pin power connector provides convenient connection to your

Model Big Boy 200
UPC 0-761345-75200-8
Size 200 x 30mm TriCool™ Fan
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Operating Voltage 10.8V ~ 13.2V
- 3-speed switch lets you balance quiet performance with maximum cooling