UPS Tuncmatik Lite II 1000VA

  • Пълна мощност:
    1000 VA
  • Ефективна мощност:
    600 W
  • Технология тип:
    Line Interactive
  • Изходи:
    4 x Schuko, RJ11/45
  • Производител:
  • Гаранция:
    2 години
156,67 лв.
На склад Код: 4


Line-interactive UPSs supply connected computers and electronic equipment directly from the AC line. When the AC line voltage fluctuates, by using its internal transformer, UPS supplies the connected loads with suitable voltage. When the AC line cuts off, the UPS supplies loads with power from its battery.

Reliable CPU control

The Lite II is equipped with a high speed CPU in order to accomplish all functions accurate and timely. High speed CPU manages UPS’s safe operation, overload, high voltage and low voltage protections. Thus, Lite II achieves a unique reliability.

Over load, low-high voltage and short circuit protections

Because of Lite II ’s many electronic protection features its useful life is extended. For instance, if you overload your Lite II unintentionally it detects the load automatically and protects itself by shutting down before any damage has occured. In the similiar manner, it provides protection against low and high voltage fluctuations.

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) feature

Thanks to Lite II’s wide voltage range transformer, it also serves as a voltage regulator. If the AC line voltage is too high or too low, it adjusts the voltage to an proper level and supplies loads with this voltage.

Charging when UPS is off

In order to charge the batteries, simply plug in Lite II.

Automatic restart when AC line recovers

During a power outage, if Lite II consumes all of its battery backup energy and shuts down because of fully discharged battery, it will automatically restart when the line voltage recovers and begin charging its batteries again automatically.

Cold Start feature

Lite II has the feature of starting in battery mode even if the AC power is not available.

Simulated sine wave output

Lite II provides a simulated sine waveform suitable for computers and electronic equipment.

Fast charger to shorten the charging time by 50%

Most UPS systems can fully charge their batteries full capacity in 8 to 10 hours, but Lite II can charge its batteries in 4 hours to ensure a safe operation in geographic regions where electric failures are common.

USB communication port and software (1000 VA)

You can connect your computer to the Lite II via a USB port using software CD and USB cable, and you can obtain information on its current status and also program it for its reaction to a utility power failure. According to this program, when there is a utility power failure Lite II, based on your choice, first it shuts down your computer and then itself in a sequential manner.

RJ11/45 protection port (1000 VA)

Lite II, has a protection port that protects your data-Mmdem and telephone lines against power surges.


Пълна мощност: 1000 VA
Ефективна мощност: 600 W
Технология тип: Line Interactive
Изходи: 4 x Schuko, RJ11/45
Размери: 392 x 179 x 209 mm
Тегло: 8.00 kg
MPN: TSK5208
Производител: Tuncmatik
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