Bluetooth слушалки Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic, White

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    2 години
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  • The sleek bluetooth headset features two discreet rocker buttons for volume adjustment and music controls. That way you have quick access to these functions without unlocking your phone.
  • Volume adjustment - Adjust volume for calls and music using the volume rocker buttons.
  • Music controls - Skip or replay songs without unlocking your phone.
  • Ultra small and lightweight
  • The soft, silicone earbuds come in 3 different sizes for a tight seal and comfortable fit.
  • To optimize sound quality for calls and music, we kept the speaker output structure at a narrow 3mm, so that detail in the mid and high frequencies are preserved and noise is significantly reduced.
  • Every component of Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic is carefully designed to produce a natural, high-definition sound. This includes having a rounded sound cavity, high-quality Bluetooth chip, magnetized moving coil speaker, ceramic antenna, and more.
  • Bluetooth 4.1, reduces 4G network interferences - The CSR8610 chipset supports Bluetooth 4.1, which reduce 4G network interferences, improving device compatibility, stability, and functionality across the board.
  • Nano-coating technology. Durable and oil-resistant - Whether it's in your ear, hands, pocket, or bag,nano-coating technology provides oil resistance and reduces wear and tear on Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic. To clean the headset, simply give it a wipe.